Global Online Gambling Domain Names .Racing & .Bet (FOR SALE / JV)

‘Online Betting is expecting to grow to $100 Billion by 2018.’

Proposal to set up 17 Online Horse Racing Betting Portals:

AsiaHorse.Racing & AsiaHorseRacing.Bet
HongKong | Tapei | Korea | Macau | Malaysia | India | New Zealand | SA | Australia and more….

View all domains here –

Dear Investors,

Greetings from Mauritius island, the nation of horse racing lovers, having grown up in the horse racing from my father a horse racing gambling magnate and lover. I was born to get involved myself.

Being educated enough to learn the true benefit of online ranking for any business I secured the very best domains around the world on the .RACING domain extension.

Below a proposal that will not only spark your interest but will soon become national headlines around the ‘Horse Racing World’ once we launch them. The idea is to get the online news referrals and get a onetime offer from the big players to buy us out. IE: Bet365, Bet888 and others.

What we will put in place will not only be the smartest online marketing gambling network of portals but a 24/7/365 days sale/affiliate funnel for us and for our acquisition buyer or equity partners soon after we launch.

I believe that within 6-12months live we should get acquired for a 9-figure sale.

Credentials & Introduction:

My latest company SmartMedia.Agency is now ranking on the 1st page of google for Virtual Marketing Mauritius & Content Marketing Mauritius. Two main keywords we are focusing and marketing such services to Top 100 co ltd.

Mauritius latest Real Estate Portal already on the very 1st position for both “Homes Mauritius and Mauritius Homes” keywords. A huge competitive advantage for this market online. – my latest venture and magazine here in Mauritius.

Partnership /JV Opportunity:

• My company owns the best Domains which are LTS (Long Tail Searches) and SEO Ready Domains which are valuable for any online gaming company.

• These domains will not only claim a Google 1st position when the online gambler will be searching for it organically but it will be the most visited online gaming portal for its ranking on the search engines mainly Google Yahoo & Bing.

• Today online gamblers travelling to any country would use the internet (google) to find any restaurants or hotel same applies for an online casino or horse racing portal to place a bet.

• There are numerous online gaming software’s, technology which allow us to trade via the internet.

Two options are available:

1- Affiliate Marketing with the existing players (The easiest way to get online fast cheap and get a fraction of the revenues). $1,000,000 is required for this operation. Your company to secure 30% profit share of all revenues generated from the 17 domains which we will launch affiliate marketing website to get the 1st page ranking and get the online traffic for each domain. We will split 30% with your company from all the revenues from the affiliates program our company will set up and manage all the above with our local and international partners and

2- Apply for our own licenses, develop and update our own online betting systems & online payments. (Expensive operations web cost marketing and security are the main time-consuming issues, greater revenues but higher risk). 

USD $5,000,000 is required for this operation. 

Your company to secure 49% profit and exit sale of all IP to a 3rd party.

The above money will be used to setup all the domains online with the legal permits (Affiliates – No Permit) we split revenue acquisition cost with the affiliate partners for life.

An online PPC budget will be also used to boost traffic to the site for other keywords such as July Cup – Ascot – Dubai World Cup plus all major races name so we can get noticed online.


• Above is only an indication of the Asian traffic for HK and Singapore keywords only. Add to that all the 15 other domains LTS which will also rank well plus our PPC campaigns we certainly can aim at getting a min of 10,000+ visitors to all our sites on any given race day.

• Based on 10,000 visitors with a Conversion Rate of only 1% = 1000 transactions at an average of $20 revenue from affiliates = $20,000. This is the very minimum we are looking at per any given race meeting.

• With a total of 15 global locations which is covered we will be targeting 200+ race meetings held per week. This figure can climb very fast to $300,000 revenues per week.

• $15,600,000 per annum. Purchase Domain Names Only Options:

• Prices has been set at $1,000,000 per domains per region.

• Bulk Purchase: Min 5 for $500,000 savings

There are a total of 17 domains for sale) –

Supporting Documents:

• Deloitte – The British Gambling Report betting-and-gaming%20industry.pdf

• KPMG Insights Stocks.pdf

• Gambling in Asia

• European Commission

• Oxford Business Group

• Sports Betting Reports



‘The continuing growth of professional sport and associated betting markets on a global scale, as a direct result of consumer demand driven by technological advances, has provided both business sectors with clear fiscal benefits and further strengthened their symbiotic relationship’

Thank you to advise if your company would like to secure our domains or stakes in our next online venture this 2018.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Sebastien Staub

Founder | + 230 57 94 64 37

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